You are very excited because it is time to start planning the biggest day of your life, your wedding. We understand completely, you should be excited. But the question is, do you realize what is ahead of you? Most couples do not. That is because there are so many things to take care of. The list can truly be staggering. And then, of course, there is the hiring of the many vendors that you will be needing and the negotiating of contracts. If you have experiencing planning a wedding, everything might proceed along swimmingly. But most people do not have any wedding planning experience and as much as Mom and sister and friends want to help, they probably don't know where to begin anymore than you do. This is just some honest well meaning advice here. Don't let your wedding crash and burn when you could have avoided it. There is another option, an option that will allow you to actually enjoy the ride and not end up pulling all of your hair out. That option is to hire a professional wedding planner. There is no time like the present to start your search. The right planner will not only have you organized, but you will have the confidence that everything is in good hands throughout the months leading up to your big day. Now, where do you start exactly. The Wichita area has some of the finest wedding planners in the United States so you are truly in the right place. In order to track down the one that is the perfect fit for you, we have provided you with a guide that you would be wise to heed.

We realize that combing the web for candidates can be tedious. But one thing you could do is check out some wedding websites that list vendors like wedding planners. You should be able to narrow your search to the Wichita area and check out the ones that have been rated very highly. Jot down a few candidates that look promising. Call them and see if they are available. For those that are taking on new clients, setup a meeting so you can see what they are all about and how their skills as a planner might be able to help you. Pay close attention to where they are located in the Wichita area. The closer they are to your wedding venues, the better chance there is that they have dealt with your venue and that they have connections that might be able to help you. How many years have they been in the wedding business? How many weddings have they planned? These questions might not tell the whole story, but there is something to say about someone who has been able to stay in business for years. People that are not successful are not usually sought after. So, if they have had a measure of success for a number of years, that is a very good sign. How dis they learn the business? Do they have any certifications? Have they won any awards?

Do they do this full-time? We recommend you look for someone who does wedding planning for a living because it means they will have increased availability. Are their vendors that they have repeatedly worked with that they recommend? Do they receive a commission if you book certain vendors? The answer should be no. Keep in mind if they do, then there is a conflict of interest. Let's face it, you are going to be working intimately with this person for a number of months, so ask yourself if you actually like them. Do they have a pleasant personality? Do they treat you with respect? Be on the lookout for red flags here because if you end up hiring someone that you cannot stand, you will be miserable during planning process. Find out how they like to communicate in the months leading up to your wedding. How often will they communicate about issues that you need to know about?

Take a close look at their portfolio of past weddings. Does it look like they really know how to pull off a wedding of your size? Do you like the way the candidate presents themselves? Do you like their design style? What is their response when you talk about your vision for your wedding. They should be excited about hearing what you have in mind and then expand on what you have to say or make suggestions. What you don't want is someone who completely ignores you and goes another direction entirely. How much do they charge? A really good planner should be able to get you enough discounts that the savings will offset their cost. We hope this guide helps lead you the right planner for you and that you feel more confident about the decision you are about to make.