Everything that happens on your wedding day is important of course, but what outlasts your special day is even more important. And that includes your love and your photography. When you put as much time and effort into an event like you have for your wedding, you want to be able to look at your professional photographs later and beam with pride. But we must stress the word professional because that is what you want to make sure that you receive. We cannot stress enough that you not let a family member or friend capture your wedding photographs because they told you that it can't be that hard or they took a photography class at a community college and feel they are up to a wedding assignment. We urge you to take your time and start reviewing some portfolios of photographers in the Wichita area. Then you will need to meet with a few that have potential and ask them some questions that will definitely shed light on whether they are the one for you to hire or not. Take this list with you on each interview.

We cannot stress enough that just because someone calls themselves a professional photographer doesn't mean that they are. Even though you have looked at their online portfolio to get to this point in the process, ask them if you can see more. Looking at prints can be a quite different experience and an enlightening one. Ask yourself if you like what you see. Do you like the angles, the lighting, the poses, and how the subjects look? Find out how long they have been in business. Where did get their training? We cannot stress this enough, if you want to be assured of quality, find a veteran photographer. Keep in mind that good quality photography is not just about pushing down on a button, it is about knowing where to setup and what angles to get how to overcome any problem issues.

Have they worked at your chosen venues? What kind of equipment do they use? Even if you don't know anything about photography equipment, you can always write down the names and models of what the candidate tells you and then go home and do some research. This can be revealing in that it will tell you what level photographer you might be dealing with and whether they take pride in their craft. Are they willing to coordinate the shooting of your wedding with your videographer? These are two of your vendors that might get in the way of each other so this can be very important to get the two to cooperate.

We know you will be itching to get your photos after your wedding, so make sure that you ask about the turnaround time for your proofs. It may take a month or so to get them. Some photographers will put a rush on the process for a fee. So, if you are really needing a quick turnaround time, ask about the possibilities. Another issue you may want to discuss is editing services? Do you want your pictures touched up and color corrected? Ask to see a list of packages they offer. Which one looks good to you?Is the price within your budget? How many hours are included in the package. This is a very important number for you to be aware of because you want to make sure you order enough coverage time. Ask about the possibility of a second shooter. Do they require a deposit? When would the balance be due? Now, you can rest easy in that you have done your due diligence and you can make an informed decision.