Your wedding day is fast approaching and you still need an officiant that will have a good command of all of the kind of things that can or will happen at your ceremony. You may not have given this much thought at this point but having everything go smoothly during the time that you and your fiance are saying those important words to each other is an all important consideration. You will never be able to wipe the awful memories from your mind if your ceremony went south and never recovered. Weddings where a poor officiant makes a mockery of what you are doing on your special day is no laughing matter. So, take this decision very seriously. As you search around the Wichita area, you will find that there are literally hundreds of officiants. To help you with finding the perfect one for your wedding, here are some things that you will want to find out before you sign a contract.

For any potential officiant that you talk to, find out how much they are willing to let you customize your service and order of events. There may be certain elements they absolutely want as part of a ceremony they officiate over but they should be willing to be very flexible in terms of elements that you want added or changed. For instance, what if you desire to write your own vows? Is this alright with them? If so, ask them if they will help you write them if you feel that would add something. Ask them if they have suggestions or samples of what they have done in the past. This can be a huge help as it might spark s thought in your mind of something you might like to do. You will need to decide if you want a religious or secular ceremony. If you are having a religious ceremony, ask if you need to be a member of the house of worship that the officiant belongs to. If you and your fiance are from different denominations, ask them if they are willing to conduct a non-denominational service. If you are more interested in a secular ceremony, your best bet is to call or visit the county clerk's office.

Talk about other services that they might offer. For example, there are officiants that offer pre-marital counseling. Ask if this is something they require. If counseling is something that you want whether they require it or not, find out how many sessions would be involved and how much it would cost you. What about your marriage license, ask the officiant if they will file your marriage license with the county. Keep in mind that you are not officially married until this happens. One thing that we highly recommend is that your officiant attend and run your rehearsal. This can be huge because it allow everyone to go over every little detail and to feel out any problem areas that need to be ironed out. Find out if this is an extra cost or not. Ask them when they suggest that you book them. Some popular officiants might have their calendar fill up quickly.

Of course, you need to find out the bottom line. How much will their services cost you? Ask about their experience level. How long have they been performing weddings? This is much more important than you might think. Someone who has been through the wars will have great discretion in handling any problems issues that might arise or maybe bringing levity to a situation where it is called for. Ask to see some past weddings they have performed. Do you like their voice? This may sound shallow, but this is the most important day of your life and you want everything to be as perfect as possible. Do they have a handle on the various aspects of a ceremony? Are they fun to talk to? This can be important because you want every moment to be enjoyable. Ask for references. Once you have been through all of this with each potential officiant you are considering, you should be ready to make a decision.