It sounds like a slogan, but flowers can indeed add value to a life. But that is especially true when you are talking about your wedding. Let's just say this right off the bat. Your wedding needs flowers. And do not try and save money by trying to design your floral arrangements with a friend or family member. Floral arrangements are more than just accent pieces. They set the time and theme for your entire wedding, it is that important. So to give this arena its due, we recommend that you look for a professional wedding planner that will be able to take your vision and turn it into reality. Once you start working with a florist, you will see how involved things can become. From hundreds of individual flowers to consider to putting together the actual arrangements, you will soon begin to see that this is not a piece of cake. You are probably already thinking, how in the world are you going to find a florist that you will be happy with. The best way to find the right fit for your wedding is to seek out some high quality florists in the Wichita area. Then interview each one. The interview process will give you insight into what each candidate can do for you. Of course, an interview calls for questions and that is an area where you could probably use some help. No problem, we are here. Take the questions below with you on each interview and when you finish, you will know who to hire.

Where do you start? Try and get a recommendation from friends and family. Search online for “wedding florists in the Wichita area.” Once you have a list of at least 3 to 5 to check out, call each one up to ask for a meeting. Now you have a chance to talk about your vision for your wedding and see if they will be able to make it happen. Find out about the candidate’s experience. How many weddings have they done in the past year? Why are they in the floral business? You definitely want to check out their portfolio of past weddings. Do you like what you see? Do you feel they would be capable of creating what you are looking for?

Show them some pictures of your venues. Tell them your ideas about where you thought flowers might be placed and see what feedback you receive. Do they listen to you and incorporate your ideas in their suggestions or do they just completely ignore what you have to say. When your wedding day is over, will they take away your arrangements or will that become your responsibility? Is there an extra fee for this service? You will want to check with the venue on this one as well to see who is responsible for final cleanup. Will your floral designer be at your venues making sure everything is implemented as you have discussed?

Discuss your budget and find out what sorts of things you can do to save money if you need to. For instance, in-season flowers are much cheaper than out of season. Are there any hidden fees? Talk about details regarding when the flowers will arrive at your venues. A florist that knows what they are doing will arrange for them to arrive at the last possible moment in order to prevent wilting. What kind of deposit to they require to reserve their services? When will the balance be due? Once you have looked at all of the portfolios and listened to all of the answers to the questions above, one particular candidate should have emerged. If it's between more than one, let your gut tell you which one to go with.