Planning an engagement party can be a seriously fun adventure and can be a great thing to plan in order to bring together friends and family members from both the bride and groom in order to make sure that they all know each other and get to know who they will soon be seeing a lot of over the wedding planning process. It is a really great opportunity for friends and different generations of family members to get to know each other in an intimate and relaxed way outside of the wedding itself. Typically it is the bride's parents who host the first celebration, and then the groom's parents throw another party, but it is not unheard of and in fact it is becoming increasingly more common for the two groups to collaborate on one awesome party. It is also acceptable for the couple to throw the engagement themselves although that means that they will have to front the bill which can be unappealing when they are about to spend a bunch of money on a wedding. Some good friends might also volunteer to host the engagement party, and it might be a good idea for friends of the bride and groom to pool the funds together to make it as easy as possible.

It's a good idea to throw the engagement party about 9 to 10 months before the wedding so you fall into that sweet spot of right after the initial excitement of the proposal fades, but they are not too far into the serious part of the wedding planning process. It's important to host the engagement party at a place with a lot of room and one that matches your personality. Typically popular spots for engagement parties include private rooms at restaurants or bars, backyards, beach clubs, and even someone's house, given that it is large enough.

A general rule of thumb is to not invite anyone to the engagement party who will not be also attending the wedding, but we say that it is completely acceptable to invite people who might not be able to make it to the wedding for whatever reason but they are still close and important for you to invite. The size of the guest list really depends on what kind of engagement party you want to have. Whether you want to have a casual informal bar party or a formal event at a private room, will depend on the size of the group.

A great idea for planning an engagement party is to rent a luxury transportation service to service the event, and there are no better around than Limousine Wichita. This helps those who aren't familiar with the area to navigate to and from the engagement party in a timely and efficient fashion. Another unique and excellent idea is to host the engagement party at multiple venues, and use a luxury vehicle like a limousine or party bus to transport the guests to each and every venue. Each vehicle comes with its own, unique features and amenities such as concert quality sound systems, plush leather seats, and granite topped bar areas that comes with glass service and cold storage. This means that it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board of our buses.

Planning the engagement party should be something that you have a lot of fun with, and there are few better ways to have a more fun time than by renting a luxury vehicle to service the event!

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