You have imagined it hundreds of times, you and your fiance styling in some great looking formal wear as you say I do before all of your friends and family. You only do this once so make sure that everyone gets it right especially for the photographer and the videographer. There are definitely things to avoid and things to look for when the groom and bride go out looking for what they are going to wear. We realize that there are many tuxedo and bridal shops in and around the Wichita area. Here are some brief words of advice for each party that we believe will help each one find the tuxedo and bridal gown of your dreams.

If we could give the groom one major tip as he goes out looking for his wedding tuxedo, it would be to make sure that you are measured by an expert. We just wanted to get that out of the way first off because of how important it is. If you go to a store that tells you they only sell or rent tuxedos by catalog, beware. A tuxedo that looks really good to you in a catalog may be all wrong for you once it actually is delivered and you try it on. This can be serious because there may not be time to order again. We recommend that you only visit vendors that have in-stock selection. Another pitfall to be on the lookout for is any company that does not offer pressing and dry cleaning. Keep in mind that any tux that you rent or buy will be sent in a box and it will have to be pressed and cleaned to be at its best. Ask about their inventory levels. This is important because if a shop or store has inadequate inventory levels, you may end up losing out on your perfect tux. Now, here is a huge factor to consider. You want to make sure that you seek out a store that has well trained staff that knows the business of formal wear. Of course you want to know the price, but don't judge on price alone. If you find a tuxedo that you really love but it happens to cost a bit more, you may want to bite the bullet for high quality. And on a related topic, beware of deals that look too good to be true. One more thing to look for is a guarantee of great customer service and quality products put in writing.

Dealing with a bridal boutique presents a few different challenges than the groom has to worry about. We recommend that you start looking for your bridal gown as soon as you get engaged. You will want to make appointments at local area bridal salons in order to get expert advice from the consultants they employ. The great thing about working with a consultant is they will be able to listen to what you had in mind and bring out dresses that you might be interested in and that fit in your budget. Otherwise you would be left to your own devices looking through the racks which could be a real waste of time. We recommend that you not bring too many people to your appointment. If they want to come to the fitting, great, but the less opinions you have to listen to the better. It is really important that you keep an open mind at these appointments because you may go in with one idea of the dress that you think you want and end up with an entirely different style. A lot of people wonder if they should order a dress at the size that they are right now or at the size that they want to be when they lose weight. We recommend that you order a dress that is the size you are presently. Depending on how much weight you lose, the dress can always be taken in. Once you find the dress that you love and order it, find out how long it will take for your dress to come in. Generally, wedding dresses take between 15 and 20 weeks to come in. If you want to put a rush on it, most salons will do this for a fee. Have a talk about alterations, are they included in the price? Most shops will separate this cost from that of the gown because they are not sure how many fittings a bride will need.

Now the big question. How much is this bridal gown going to cost me? Obviously, a lot of this comes down to what you can afford, but if you fall I love with a dress that is perfect for you, you might want to find a way to pay for it. Do they require a deposit? One last question for you to ask the consultant. Will the salon store the dress for you? They should be willing to keep it as long as you want. We wish you well with your search for the perfect formal wear.