If you make sure of anything at your wedding, make sure that the entertainment is top notch. Your guests will very much appreciate it and let's face it, so will you once you have a chance to kick back and really enjoy your reception. A wedding DJ can add some much to your reception. And keep in mind that a professional DJ doesn't just spin records all night long, but instead serves as your emcee and gets your guests into the fun. But beware, there are some really good DJs out there and there are some below average DJs. The Wichita area has some exceptional wedding DJs and that is exactly what you want to find. A high quality wedding DJ should have no problem meeting with you and discussing your wedding reception entertainment needs. When you do meet, there are some investigative questions that you will want to be sure and ask the candidate so you can determine if they are the one for you.

Have you determined a budget for the entertainment portion of your reception? Find out how much their services are going to cost you. More than likely, they will show you package deals that you can look at in order to determine what level of service you want to receive and at the same time how much that particular level will cost you. Make sure that the cost you see for the package includes absolutely everything. Keep in mind that cost involves a lot of factors including the kind of high end equipment that a DJ has to purchase and maintain. Also, you are paying for more than just playing music, a great DJ interacts with your guests and gets everyone involved and also announces all of your important events and activities.

Have a chat about what song should be played for your first dance. If the candidate that you are speaking with has much experience and expertise, they should have some suggestions for you. In terms of what will be played during the rest of your reception, have them show you some sample playlists they have used in past weddings. As you are combing the list, ask yourself if you like most of the songs or possibly can't stand most of the songs. Ask them how much input they will allow you to have in setting the playlist. If the answer is not much and the lists they show you include a large percentage of tunes that are not to your liking, then you will want to move onto your next candidate because it is obvious this is not the person for you. Does their equipment allow mixing so that one song will flow into another? What happens when they take a break? How many breaks do they foresee taking within the amount of time you are asking for them to be at your reception? Here is a question not many folks know to ask. Do they have PLI? PLI is public liability insurance and it is something that you should insist on in case anything goes wrong.

Can they serve as your emcee? What is their personality like when they are performing. Make sure that you watch some video of past weddings they have performed at. If their demeanor and style on the microphone does not agree with what you were looking for, cross them off of your list. Delve into their background and experience. The last thing that you want for your wedding is a DJ that has very little experience actually performing at a wedding. You are setting yourself up for a fall if you go this route. After you have everything you need in terms of information, you should be able to make a decision on one of the candidates that you interviewed. When you do, request a written contract so that you know what you are agreeing to and so you know what to expect from your DJ.