Alright, let's be real here. What do people really look forward to at a wedding. We can answer that in just two words: great food. We realize that there is a lot to planning a wedding. Yes, it can definitely be very stressful. And you start to wonder if everything will truly come together and actually work out. But there is one detail that you want to make sure works out. That is why hiring a caterer is probably the most important decision you will make. Yes, it is also the most expensive part of your wedding, but if it all goes well, it will be worth every penny. So, the question is, how can you make sure that all goes well? Hiring a top notch professional wedding caterer is the only way. And the only way to make sure that is who you hire is to ask potential caterers a few well placed questions. Their answers will lead you to the perfect choice. Your first task is to find a few potential caterers in the Wichita area. Once that is accomplished, here are the questions that you want to ask anyone you are seriously considering as a caterer for your special day.

Get online and do a Google search for “wedding caterers in the Wichita area.” Ask the people that you interact with on a regular basis like your family, friends, and coworkers if they have had any amazing meals at a wedding recently. Through these sources you should be able to gather a number of names to consider. You want to make sure each candidate is available to cater your wedding before you do any serious talking with them. Sit down and have a nice chat with the candidates that are available.

Some people like to say that it is all about the money. If that is the case, why not start there. Be upfront about your budget and ask each potential caterer what they can do with what you can afford. They should be able to provide some suggestions as to how to save money if you need to. Does the cost they gave you include everything, even tax and gratuity? What about items like linens, silverware, tables, chairs, glassware, and related items? Will they be providing any or all of them? What if you want to bring your own alcohol in from the outside? Will they charge you a corkage fee? See if they offer package deals and find the one that best fits your situation.

Find out if they have catered your chosen venue. Where will your food be prepared? One thing that you want to make very sure of is that they have liability insurance. Otherwise you could end up liable if something goes wrong. Make sure that you arrange a tasting of their wares. You want to experience first hand how good or bad their food really is. This is essential. Who will be the contact person during your reception? This is important to know in case anything goes wrong. Talk about how their waitstaff dresses and whether you think that will work for your décor. How long should all of the servings take? Will they have enough staff for the size wedding you are having? You will definitely want to ask for references. They are a window into how the caterer actually performs at a real wedding. Once you have gathered all of this pertinent information, you should have one candidate that your head and heart tells you to hire. Have them draw up a contract and its time to start planning the menu. Congratulations on having a professional caterer in your wedding corner.