Just thinking about the wedding cake makes your taste buds stand on end. The beautiful thing about your wedding cake is that it is not there just for looks. And keep in mind that today you can be as creative as you want to be. From flavor to frosting to design, your options are much more varied than they used to be. But in order to make your dreams and visions come true, you will need someone who has the talents and skills to bring it alive. And that someone is a professional cake maker. So, you are wondering, how do I find the one that will satisfy me and all of my guests? This task is very doable, especially in the Wichita area. But you will have to treat this situation like a job interview where you are the boss and they are the potential employee. To help you with this hiring process, you will need to sit them down and ask a number of questions that will help you decide who your cake designer and baker should be.

Check out some wedding sites that provide lists of wedding vendors. You should be able to search for the Wichita area to narrow down the list of professionals to your area. You should be able to view how they are rated and what kind of feedback they have received. You can also stop by that local bakery that you always drive by and see if they service weddings. However you come up with the names of potential cake designers, you will want to eventually meet them face to face and talk about you and them possibly getting together for your wedding cake needs. Make sure that you know the number of guests you will have coming to your wedding. How much will a cake cost that feeds all of your guests?

Some of the questions that you will want to ask come at the topic from more of an insiders knowledge which is what makes them so important. For instance, find out how long before the wedding that the cake designer and baker would bake your cake. If they say two or three days, then you are fine. Anything longer is unacceptable. Also, some bakers will freeze layers ahead of time, this is also something that you do not want. What about transportation? Make sure that the person you hire will be there when the cake is delivered so everything gets setup perfectly. What about the display platter and cutting utensils? Many bakers will ask you for a deposit which you get back when their items are returned unharmed. What about a cake stand?

What if you have guests that need gluten free cake, are they able to provide that? Ask to see pictures of cakes they have designed and baked for weddings. If you see something that you really fall in love with in a magazine, can they recreate the same cake if you show it to them? Are they willing to coordinate with your florist if you want fresh flowers on and around your cake? Keep in mind that the more complicated the design is and if you want specialty icing or filling, the cost is going to go up considerably. You should share your cake budget with each candidate and get their ideas about what can be done within your budget numbers. A really good designer should have some great suggestions as to how to save money. One more thing, you will want to do some tasting with each candidate. You need to know if their cakes are really tasty or if they are like play doe. Once you are satisfied with one cake designer in particular, request a contract and get ready to enjoy the services of a true professional.