Have you every hired a live wedding band before? If not, you may need a little bit of help and that is why we are here. One thing we can say for sure, the right live band for your reception can create an amazing atmosphere and will have your guests dancing in the streets. Figuring out who that band should be is going to be the challenge. The key will be parsing the hundreds of bands in the Wichita area down to a few that you want to consider. Then, asking the key questions that will reveal what you need to know about each potential wedding band. We would hate for you to hire the wrong band because not only will you be pulling your hair out, you will feel as though all of that work that you put into planning your wedding was for naught. Let's make sure that does not happen to you. Here is a brief guide that will help you understand what you need to find out in order to make the right decision on the band you hire for your special day.

Check out some wedding websites and search for wedding bands in the Wichita area. Listen to some online samples of each band. We warn you that this could take some time, but in the end it will be worth it. Over the process of your research, there should be a few bands that strike you as potential entertainment for your wedding. Keep track of those that do and then contact them to see if they have your wedding date available on their calendar. If they do, it is time to meet and talk about the possibilities.

This may sound odd, but you will want to ask any potential band that you interview who the exact musicians are that you would see on your wedding day. It is possible that the group has changed since you watched that video of them performing. Also, if you are going through an agency, they might mix and match a lot and you would end up getting a different grouping than what you expected. Bottom line is this, you want to get what you expect. Ask them if they performing anywhere near you so you can go and see them live. This can rally give you peace of mind or make the determination for you that you do not want them at your wedding. Also, ask them how many musicians comprise the group. Again, you don't want to be shocked if you say 5 musicians on the video and only 3 show up.

Of course talk about their experience. How many weddings do they perform per year? Can they provide references? They should be able to. If they say no, then say no to them. In terms of your needs, ask if they are willing to learn a special song for your first dance. If your heart is set on this, make a point of it. Some bands want you to pick from their repertoire while others are quite happy to learn one song for you. Nail down how long they would play. The average length of time a wedding band plays at a reception is hour hours. How many breaks will they take? Will they play recorded music during this time? Will they expect to be fed? How much say can you have in the play list? Will they take requests? You should be looking for a band that has a wide range of styles. If there are songs that you absolutely do not want played at your reception, mention it now. At the end of your interviews, all of this information should lead you to the perfect choice for you. Once you have made your decision, there is only one last thing to do. Ask for all of the details to be written into a contract.